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Documentation for the setting up synchronisation of your Smos workflow across devices

Synchronising Client

Your can synchronise your workflow directory using smos-sync-client. This synchronisation works with arbitrary amounts of time between synchronisations, so it is perfect for taking your laptop onto an airplane.

A community sync-server has been set up at


To get started, configure smos to use a sync server. You'll need to add the following to your smos config file:

  server-url: ""

Be sure to set the username that you want.


Then register your username at the sync server:

$ smos-sync-client register

You will be prompted for a password.


If no password is configured, you will be prompted for a password. This is the most secure, but does not work well if you want to automate synchronisation.

You can also pass in a password using:

  • The --password option on the command line
  • The SMOS_SYNC_CLIENT_PASSWORD environment variable
  • The password field in your smos config file.


To synchronise your workflow directory, run the following command:

$ smos-sync-client sync

Run this command periodically to keep your workflow directory synchronised.