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The Smos Calendar Import Tool

Documentation for the Smos Calendar Import Tool, for importing your calendar into Smos

This tool exists to import your calendar from an external source into Smos.

Make sure to run it periodically. See the instructions for running it on NixOS for automation for that on NixOS.



Usage: smos-calendar-import [--config-file FILEPATH] [--workflow-dir FILEPATH] 
                            [--archive-dir FILEPATH] [--projects-dir FILEPATH] 
                            [--archived-projects-dir FILEPATH] [--debug]
  Smos Calendar Import Tool version: 0.3.0
  Current Smos data format version: 1.0.0

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  --config-file FILEPATH   The config file to use
  --workflow-dir FILEPATH  The workflow directory to use
  --archive-dir FILEPATH   The archive directory to use
  --projects-dir FILEPATH  The projects directory to use
  --archived-projects-dir FILEPATH
                           The archived projects directory to use
  --debug                  Turn on debug output


Available environment variables:

                         Archived projects directory
                         Archive directory
                         Workflow directory
  SMOS_DEBUG             Whether to output debug info
                         Projects directory
                         Workflow directory


# Configuration
workflow-dir: # optional
  # The workflow directory
archive-dir: # optional
  # The archive directory
projects-dir: # optional
  # The projects directory
archived-projects-dir: # optional
  # The archived projects directory
calendar: # optional
  # Calendar configuration
  # CalendarImportConfiguration
  sources: # optional
    - # The sources to import from
      # SourceConfiguration
      name: # optional
        # The name of the source
      source: # required
        # If you are using Google, you want to get the URL that has these labels:
        # "Use this address to access this calendar from other applications without making it public."
        # "Warning: Only share this address with those you trust to see all event details for this calendar."
        # the url to fetch or file to import
      destination: # required
        # The destination path within the workflow directory
  debug: # optional
    # Show the internal structure of every event in its entry's contents.