A comprehensive self-management system

Installation with Nix

Building with Nix

If you are building with nix, you probably know what you are doing. Start with a regular build, and go from there using the multiple results:

$ nix-build

To install the executables in your user environment directly:

nix-env -if default.nix

Optional: Using the cachix cache

If you use cachix, you can use cachix use smos to use the smos cachix cache.


When you first run a smos executable that has been built with Nix, you may get an error like the following if you use a particular terminal emulator like urxvt:

smos: setupTerm: Couldn't look up terminfo entry "rxvt-unicode-256color"

In this case, you can probably solve the problem by setting the TERM variable to xterm:

$ TERM=xterm ./result/bin/smos