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A comprehensive self-management system

Package overview

An overview of the different smos package

smos-data                : The Smos data format
smos-data-gen            : Generators for the Smos data format
smos-cursor              : Smos-specific cursors
smos-cursor-gen          : Generators for Smos-specific cursors
smos-report              : Smos Reports
smos-report-gen          : Generators for Smos reports
smos-report-cursor       : Cursors for Smos reports
smos-report-cursor-gen   : Generators for cursors for smos reports
smos                     : The smos TUI
smos-single              ; The smos-single tool; to make a single-task project
smos-query               : The smos-query tool; to query your workflow
smos-archive             : The smos-archive tool: to archive smos files
smos-convert-org         : The smos-convert-org tool: to convert org-mode files to smos files
smos-calendar-import     : The calendar import tool: to import calendars in an onging manner
smos-api                 : The API for the smos server
smos-api-gen             : Generators for the API for the smos server
smos-client              : The smos client library
smos-server              : The smos server
smos-server-gen          : Generators for the smos server
smos-sync-client         : The sync client tool
smos-web-style           : The stylesheets for the web server and docs site
smos-web-server          : The smos web server
smos-docs-site           : The generator for the documentation website.