A comprehensive self-management system

Work report

The work report is the most important report that you will use. This report shows you your agenda for the day, and the next actions that you can perform in your current context.

To set up a work report, you will first need contexts. For example, you can use these in your config file:

    home: 'ancestor:tag:home'
    office: 'ancestor:tag:office'
    airplane: 'tag:offline'

These specify that, when you're at home, you can only do the tasks that are tagged 'home' or whose parents are tagged as 'home'.

Advanced work reports

You can also configure checks, collumns and a sorter for this report as follows:

    - has-property:timewindow
    - file
    - state
    - header
    - property:timewindow
  sorter: property-as-time:timewindow

Here we configure smos-query to warn us if any of the entries that should be reported is missing a timewindow property. We also specify that the collumns in the report should be the file, the todo state, the header and the timewindow property for each entry. The last line configures smos-query to sort these entries by their timewindow property value. (Checks, columns and sorters are Standard Arguments.)



Usage: smos-query work CONTEXT [TIME_FILTER] [-f|--filter FILTER] 
                       [--add-column|--project PROJECTION] [--sort SORTER] 
                       [--smart] [--hide-archived | (-a|--show-archived)]
  Show the work overview

Available options:
  CONTEXT                  The context that you are in
  TIME_FILTER              A filter to filter by time
  -f,--filter FILTER       A filter to filter entries by
  --add-column,--project PROJECTION
                           A projection to project entries onto fields
  --sort SORTER            A sorter to sort entries by
  --smart                  Smart mode
  --hide-archived          ignore archived files.
  -a,--show-archived       Don't ignore archived files.
  -h,--help                Show this help text


This command does not use any extra environment variables.


# Configuration
work: # optional
  # WorkReportConfiguration
  base-filter: # optional
    # The base work filter
  contexts: # optional
    # Contexts for the work report
    <key>: <string>
  # WorkConfiguration
  checks: # optional , default: fromList []
    - # The checks to perform and to alert about
  time-filter: # optional
    # The property to use to filter by time
  columns: # optional
    - # The columns in the report
  sorter: # optional
    # The sorter to use to sort the rows
  smart: # optional
    # Smart mode: figure out the amount of time based on the next BEGIN timestamp